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My name is Myron Moses and I have and I have over thirty-four years teaching in the public schools.  I have also worked in the private sector operating a reading clinic for more than 25 years.  With an emphasis in early childhood education and strong background in reading, we at PED offer many insights and activities which will help you establish an educational philosophy backed by flexible methods for helping your children on their paths toward reaching their potential.  I defer from using the term “full potential” as that is a worthy goal but it is also pie in the sky.


Learn about techniques which will be helpful in the following activities.

  1. Learning center in the home
  2. How to evaluate what is going on in your child’s classroom
  3. Understand the true meaning of grade level designation
  4. Your child’s mental health cannot depend on his grades

Are the more capable students sometimes tethered to the slower children in a given class?

Is it conceivable that the mental age range in a kindergarten could have a four year span in regard to academic skill levels as well as social skills?

The proper care and feeding of the TELEVISION

6.  Homework – Pro and Con

7.  Music in the lives of children

8.  Music, math and the Brain

9.  Can you develop sensational video educational lessons for your children. Who Could Do It Better?

10.  Can you develope the creative skills necessary to take advantage of opportunities to encourage the natural curiosity of your children?

11.  The sugar diet and the healthy kids?

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We Are All About Short Cuts To Learning


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