And The Truth Shall Set Us Free


At what point do we stop thinking and just Babbitt? At what point do our beliefs become so ingrained that we are repulsed by anything that differs or challenges our view of ‘reality’. I have a friend who is a staunch democrat and another who is a staunch republican. They each accept their chosen party line as gospel and their whole beings are wrapped up in the habit of looking at their party as the one to follow on all issues. Neither of them considers the possibility of a Supreme being and often look askance at those who do. After all, why should they have faith in anything they cannot see or touch. That is fine, not a problem, as much of the religious teachings and doctrine have moved from the original intent to one of fairy tales and wishful thinking to control, using fear as an important tool in the process. I am afraid what maybe be a, well-, let me put it this way, maybe the original attempt at reaching man with some insight into a spirituality which might have served finite man as a guide for living with others and this effort was usurped by well intentioned individuals, ill equipped for the task.

Now we get back to my two friends. These poor souls who refuse to have unbridled faith in a spiritual being (which is not in any way being condemned here) are more than willing to accept anything their party throws out and at the same time reject anything that remotely gives off the fragrance of the other party. NOW IT WOULD BE TOTALLY ILLOGICAL TO BELIEVE THAT EACH PARTY IS 100% RIGHT IN EVERYTHING THEY BELIEVE.

This brings me to my mini-sermon. We talk about thinking outside the box. Why hell, for most of us we are so deep in our own boxes we cannot see out of the box let alone think outside of it. Now this is how we wind up in a box. In the beginning the box was there to sort of protect us from the elements, but as we matured (I use the term Loosely) we used it to protect us from the destruction of our view of reality. Now when we become locked into this view is anyone’s guess.

As we become more and more protective of our view, the sides of our box get higher and higher and as I said earlier we may not even be able to see out of it. In extreme cases the sides of the boxes start to grow together at the top cutting out more and more light and serving as a guarantee that our view of reality will never be contaminated with any semblance of the truth. I just thought of a good close for these ramblings.


If only we will be able to recognize it should that day ever arrive.

Myron Moses


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