Getting Ready For Success In Kindergarten

Do your children qualify to have a successful career in kindergarten just because they reach a certain age?   I would be tempted to put a foul expletive in front of the word,  ______ ‘NO’. The answer is a resounding no.  If we were to become a little carried away to make the point, I might ask if it would make any more sense to start children in kindergarten when they reach a certain height or weight? Of course not.


Stay with this website, search others, and take an active role in learning about the possible pitfalls facing the many children who are about to climb aboard the assembly line of mass education. You will discover why some children are already destined for the top twenty percent of their high school graduating class and will most likely be ready for college.

Would it be too far fetched to say that the same could be said of those who will be destined either to not make it to graduation night or will wind up in the bottom twenty percent?  For the most part, what a child experiences during his first five years is key. Now I hope you will not take everything you read here without putting it to a test of sorts.   Talk to teachers, parents of successful students and  parents who did not understand why their children had such a difficult time in school while others sailed through.  The  fact is that if the children who sailed through school had been tested, it would have been discovered that some of them could already read and had math skills closer to first grade level. What we want to learn is, where do the thirty to forty percent dropouts come from and what is being done about it.  Slogans such as NCLB do not count.


DO NOT LET ANYONE CAUSE YOU TO PANIC.  ANY TENDENCY TO PANIC SHOULD BE COUNTERED BY ACTIVE RESEARCH ON YOUR PART. Team up with other parents to do the research.  It will prove to be a very positive social experience as well.

I hesitate to offer advice or suggestions on how you should teach your children.  So I won’t.  But I will tell you some stories which exemplify what  I consider to be ideal examples of ways to help children develop a love of learning.  You will have to excuse me if  some advice or suggestions just happen to slip out along the way. Just be careful as to whom you might follow.                                                                                                               ONE OF THE EASIEST THINGS TO DO IS HAVE MANY CHILDREN READING BEFORE FIVE YEARS OF AGE.  FACT OR FICTION?    This will be in a special section.   THE FOLLOWING IS A BIT OF A CLUE AND WILL BE CLARIFIED WHEN YOU GET TO   THE SECTION DEALING WITH  ABOVE CLAIM.

It can be done through games, activities, songs and physical activities. If done this way the stage is more than likely set for success.   One more word of warning, the greatest two words to use when you are being confronted with new ideas and thoughts would be,   ‘WHAT IF ‘.

An example of games, activities, songs and physical activities can be seen on                  (Click here) Montessori Type Learning video.

The proper enviornment is a great TEACHER
Children ‘learn’ what they ‘BUMP’ into
Activities which engage the mind and body.
Totally Involved


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