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My name is Myron Moses.  I have been working in the field of public school education since nineteen fifty-four.  My main message on this site is to express my very strong conviction that it will take two to three generations for those in the driver’s seat to start a turn around that will do justice to the term education. And my time table won’t be met or come close to being met unless we decide that pie in the sky programs are not the answer.  There are no magic green pills.  Also it cannot be done with slogans which blossom into acronyms such as NCLB. No Child Left Behind is a meaningless, stupid slogan which is based more on wishful thinking than any common sense.  It would be much better, but equally unrealistic to go with No Child Starts Behind.  At least with NCSB they might figure out that thirty percent of our children, or more, are starting behind.
The business of educating our future citizens in such a way as to give each an opportunity to reach their potentials is its main purpose. The system is not there to be used for one sided political brain washing nor is it in their province to rewrite history or take sides on debatable topics such as CLIMATE CHANGE without presenting both sides of the argument.  The same goes for the way the topics of socialism and capitalism are handled.  A fair and balanced presentation is absolutely necessary.  Otherwise we are marching more and more students toward receiving a grossly overrated diploma on graduation day.  Our government continues to look the other way when it comes to fair and balanced instruction which could lead to objectivity and critical thinking. We encourage parents to figure out how they can get the most out of the system without resorting to private schools or homeschooling.   Either of which might not be bad options.
There are ways to use the public schools in conjunction with homeschooling, music program, sports programs and special classes are available in many school districts. Myron Moses   (Accelerated Learning)
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